Contact us for fixed priced WASP nest treatments, in the areas shown on the map below. (We do not work outside these areas.)

For the eleventh year we have only one fixed price of £45.00 for (we now treat ANY size nest for the same charge) wasp nest treatment in any property.

PAYMENT for ANY work carried out is on the day the work is carried out, and is only by either CASH or CARD subject to a signal for our card reader, if you live in a known bad reception area, please have cash available to pay on the day. We no longer have any other payment methods available.

Office Open Mon - Fri ~ 8.00am - 7.30pm

Sat ~ 8.00am - 12.30pm

  CLOSED Sundays and bank holidays.

Contact us via

MOBILE - 07496 360343

Landline - 01773 404198

Text your name and contact number with the word WASP to our mobile number.

Please bear with us if you text or leave a message, we may be driving or in a bad reception area. Your call etc will be replied to as soon as possible as long as you leave us your contact details.

You can leave a text or phone us outside of the above hours to make a booking, we will answer your call if possible. (Please note our phones are turned off at 9pm everyday.)

Due to non payment of an invoice i am no longer offering my low cost wasp nest treatments in Kirk Langley, Derby. It is with regret that i am now not travelling the distance from our home area to help people save money. Therefore we have reduced our working area further and do not cover this area. People in Kirk Langley can thank just one person in Church Lane, for this decision. Sorry to all other residents in the area but you will have to pay pest controllers fee for wasps which is normally anything from £65 -  £250 in your area.

We do NOT treat HONEY BEES, shown in the middle picture above.

Having been in the trade for 25 years we have decided to reduce our work load and the areas we cover, as shown on the map below. We do not normally work outside of the area shown on our map as its not cost effective for us to do so with our fixed low charges.

We do not cross over the M1 to carry out work at any cost.

We guarantee there will not be any extra charges for the use of ladders.

Even if you try to treat the nest yourself and it goes wrong we will still only charge you £45.00.

As long as we can access the entrance or the nest we WILL (not maybe or can) treat the wasp nest in such a way that it WILL be eradicated at the first visit.

Remember that there is normally no need to remove a nest. As stated on our page labelled above as the wasp nest removal tab.

All tools and kit used including ladders are a part of the tools of the trade, and carry no extra charges when used.

Our prices are not low to attract you in as a gimmick.

It is of no concern to us if you choose to use other companies that have a different charge to us, and as such please do not try to get us to price match down, all you will do is waste yours and our time.

If you choose to pay a higher price for the same nest to be treated or for less work to be carried out, it is your choice.

Our wasp nest treatments carry a 4 week guarantee

Double "R" Wasp Treatment Heanor, Tranquility, 27 Clarke Avenue, Loscoe, Heanor, DE75 7GA

Wasp Nest in A Loft

A swarm of honey bees resting before moving on.                                    

The entrance to a wasp nest, they will not move on, and require treatment.

Wasp nest

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Your first nest treated in a domestic property is £45.00 and any other nests treated at the same property and at the same time £25.00 each