Airborne Mould Spores and Pathogens

It is worth noting that before we retired and closed our previous business, we took great pride in helping people to eradicate mould and damp problems at low cost. We are trained and qualified to a high standard in this field of work, and whilst we no longer carry out the mould work we still offer the fogging as a part of our current business.

We offer a service that eradicates airborne mould spores of Aspergillus Niger (black mould) and other pathogens using a broad spectrum biocide.

This method is also particularly useful after properties have been flooded and mould spores and pathogens are present before the complete drying out of the property.

If you can smell any musty type smells in a property, you could be breathing harmful mould spores, and it is because of this that we use a biocide that is specifically designed for airborne and surface mould spore and other biohazard treatments required, which in turn helps you and your family to live a healthier lifestyle.

This fumigation (or fogging to give its correct name) service could save you a lot of money by treating the airborne mould spores before they can have the chance to take a hold on the cold moist surfaces of your property.

It is also worth noting that it is the airborne mould spores that aggravate any asthma or bronchial problems that you or people that you know may have.

This service is particularly useful if you are thinking of, or have purchased a property that has been left vacant for a while and feels damp and smells musty, it is possible to treat this problem before you actually move in.

There are several biocides on the market but they are expensive, and as such we will always advise that for any airborne spores try venting the property in the first instance. If not we can treat the property to ensure the property is hazard free as possible.

The chemical we use for airborne treatments are used through a ULV fogging machine and will reach high areas as well as low, and so there will be very good coverage for the whole of the property being treated from ground level. The official description of the uses of the product we use are as follows including the main active ingredient.

Contains 6% Chlorhexidine and 8% w/w QAC.

A liquid biocide for space-spray (ULV) application. Effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Specially formulated for use in human dwelling situations where rodent infestations and bird contaminated areas pose risks. For use at waste transfer stations and treatment facilities and similar location where health risks posed by bio-aerosols need to be controlled. Also for use in kennels, catteries, stables, poultry houses, trashed/flooded dwellings, drug users’ habitats and other situations where biohazard risk has been identified.

There will be a slight odour after use which can easily be eliminated by venting the treated areas.