Your first nest treated in a domestic property is £45.00 and any other nests treated at the same property and at the same time £25.00 each




Below are a few pictures of the new design of our basic squirrel trap box, they show all aspects of the unpainted trap box. You will notice a gap at the bottom of the door, this is so any water that may ingress can easily escape, which will prolong the life span of the trap box.

There is a half shelf so that the squirrel can enter the box by the side entrance and rest before climbing down to the trap. Once the squirrel is trapped it can easily be removed due to no obstacles in the way.

The squirrel trap box can be laid on its back or stand up, the trap will fit either way.

The back has two screw holes for fixing and four slots should you wish to fix via straps, no fixing screws or straps are supplied.

The door is hinged on the bottom and has one fixing screw through the top hidden bar. This means of fixing helps to save the screw parting the ply and getting wet, and breaking apart. Also by fixing in this manner the trap and quarry are out of the publics view.

To make the box stronger the sides and base are jointed, glued and screwed together. Details and pictures of the deluxe version is at the bottom of this page

Pictures of the basic version of our trap box