Your first nest treated in a domestic property is £45.00 and any other nests treated at the same property and at the same time £25.00 each




Pictures and description of the deluxe version of our trap box

The deluxe version of our squirrel trap box is the same as the basic version, with a few extras added, as shown and mentioned below

  1. Painted with two coats of Ronseal or Cuprinol smooth wood paint, normally a dark brown colour.
  2. Two entry holes, one each side. To accommodate either side entry.
  3. A moveable flap to cover the unused entry point.
  4. A cable tie to fix to the moveable arm of the trap, the other end of the tie is pushed through a tie slot in the side panel, and when the trap is loaded the end of the tie can be seen, if the trap is activated the tie is out of sight, which saves time unscrewing the door to check for any activity.
  5. A hook inside the box to loop the trap chain over it for ease of access, and to allow the trap to drop out and hang in the event of a mis-catch. Although this is a very rare occurrence, the hook allows for ease of humane dispatch if required.

The flaps in the picture are painted a different colour just for display purposes, and to make it easier to understand the set up better. Normally these are painted the same colour as the box. The picture is shown with a FENN 4 for illustration purposes only, and clearly indicates enough room to turn the trap sideways if desired. The box is designed to take a FENN 6 facing front to back.