The AR Bulb Duster is a new type of hand duster where the dust is placed in a powder chamber separate from the hand pump. Dust is expelled through a flexible extension pipe by squeezing the hand-held air bulb which attaches to the powder chamber.

This item is extremely useful when dusting in crevices for ants or wasps etc. The flexible nozzle can be bent to almost any curve required to place dust in those hard to get at places, without unsightly spillages.

The AR Bulb Duster is an item used by the professional pest controller for those smaller hard to get at jobs. It can be used with any insect / ant or wasp nest powder that can be purchased from the DIY store, which would help you to save money when treating those pests that insist on coming back year after year.

The softer you squeeze the bulb the finer the dust spray out of the nozzle, which helps you save money by not wasting insecticide, whilst giving you the control required to give more insecticide to the areas required when squeezing the bulb harder.

The dust chamber holds more than enough powder to treat a wasp nest the size of a football.

The AR Bulb Duster

AR Bulb Duster




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