When I designed this website I did not want to have any in depth articles about pests, however where fleas are concerned I have decided to clarify a few myths before you decide what to do about eradication of these pests.

Our treatments do work and have been used for many years, we have just taken it a stage further and offer extra treatment at a minimal cost to you, this is just an option for you to consider.

If you decide to use off the shelf products to eradicate the problem, then thats fine by us, but if they dont work we are here for you.

75% of the fleas that we treat is the cat flea.

Most pet owners tell us that the cat has been treated, and its not their cat that has fleas.

As a pest controller I have heard it many times before, but then if your cat has not got the fleas and your cat is the only cat indoors, how did the fleas get in your home.

It seems that most cat owners do not realise that if the cat associates with an untreated cat outside the property the fleas will jump from one cat to another and your cat will have them on it when it comes in for its food.

Cats bedding can house up to 8000 pre adult stage fleas and up to 2000 adult fleas.

Early thorough treatment is essential, as well as to keep any animal with fleas in one area of the property until treatment has taken place, preferably in an area with no carpets. If you have a flea problem call us and we can help, we have several different treatments all at their own prices, the choice will be yours.