Your first nest treated in a domestic property is £45.00 and any other nests treated at the same property and at the same time £25.00 each




Flea pre-treatment and after treatment facts

General unbiased advice to householders regarding flea treatments

1 Vacuum all areas thoroughly before the arrival of the pest controller. As a tip to stop insects leaving the vacuum, suck a bit of ant powder into the bag before use, that way they will die in the bag and you should not require to ditch the bag after use.

2 Ensure that all edges of carpets and floor coverings are thoroughly vacuumed.

3 Empty the vacuum outside in the bin, immediately after use so that fleas cannot exit vacuum and re-enter property.

4 All pets must be removed from the building for at least 24 hours.

5 After treatment occupiers must vacate the property for at least 4 hours to allow chemicals to settle.

6 No vacuuming or washing of floors is advisable for at least 4 weeks so that the flea can emerge from the egg and into the sprayed area within the cracks and crevices.

7 The chemicals used will without a doubt stop the insect from becoming an adult; this stops the life cycle of the fleas.

8 After treatment fleas may be seen but they will only be small juvenile insects and cannot carry on with the lifecycle.

9 There is certainly no way on this earth after a complete treatment with the chemicals and methodology that we use that fleas can survive, and become adults.

10 If fleas are still biting after 4 weeks, it is because they have been reintroduced from an outside source. Or not stimulated into action by vibrations within the property, this is achieved just by closing a door or walking through the area.

The chemicals have a proven track record, which is why we use them.

There are only two ways that fleas will be in the property after a treatment from us,

1 The floors have been vacuumed or /and washed before the treatment has finished its job.

Most customers that complain about seeing fleas after a treatment do indeed vacuum or wash the floors, even though they wont admit to it, we can tell due to the residual of the chemical left behind and where it should be.

2 They have been re-introduced to the property.

At Double "R" Wasp Treatment Heanor our treatment methodology has a 100% track record spanning back to the start of our business over 25 years of successful trading

Remember ALL visits for pest control is chargeable, we do not carry out free re-treats as we carry out the work in the proper manner and we use the chemicals as per manufacturers advice for product use.

We never cut corners, which is why we have a good track record.

Normally a single visit is all that is required, but no guarantees of non return due to factors outside of my control.

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