Cluster Flies

Cluster flies are more of a nuisance than a pest, they do not as far as we can make out transmit diseases the same as normal household flies due to the different nature of their lifestyle.

Cluster flies are normally found in the warm areas of a loft, they are generally on the south facing roof or wall.

There is normally many hundreds of them at a time just sitting there.

Normally they are found in areas where there is a lot of grass, this is where they breed, they generally require worms so they can lay their eggs in the worm castes, and when the eggs hatch the larvae find the earthworm and enter the body of the worm where they develop within it by feeding on the worm from the inside. After this period of  time they leave the earthworm to pupate, after pupation the adult fly emerges.

If you have a cluster fly problem, we can sort it out at relatively low cost.

Although cluster flies can be a nuisance all year round, they are easier to treat at the end of the summer and or at the start of spring, ideally after the first frost of winter or just before the last frost of winter, this is when the flies are more dormant and in a higher concentration of numbers.

It will almost be certain that there will be a return of the flies year on year, due to their nature.