ULV Fogging (fumigation)

ULV treatment is by far the better way to treat insects, especially airborne insects.

ULV comes into its own where there would be great expense and complications when clearing areas in buildings and storage areas, where treatment for flying or crawling insects are required, or in taller buildings where there are a lot of cluster flies.

Our ULV equipment can cater for these problems and at a surprisingly low cost per area, to you our customer.

We use our fogging treatments in a large variety of places but due to its dryness and its super efficiency we use it a lot to treat a variety of insect problems in all types of transport.

All Types of Transport & Buildings

We can treat all types of transport and buildings for insect problems. We are often called upon to treat lorries that travel abroad, due to the legislation about taking insects etc into foreign countries.

This type of problem is normally associated with furniture removal vehicles that move the MOD personnel around the world.

We treat train carriages, lorries, cars, vans, buses, canal boats, caravans, cinemas, houses, public houses, shops, factories, offices, store areas the list is endless, but where there are people there is often insects foraging from our cast off food etc.

With this particular treatment we often use a combination of the ULV treatment in partnership with species specific treatments, this is seen mostly on buses where it is not uncommon to have, fleas and other nasties such as pathogens from colds and illnesses etc in them.

We offer an out of hour service for such treatments at only slightly more than our normal costs, we appreciate that vehicles and buildings standing empty, will cost you money.