About us and our methodology of treatment

At Double "R" Wasp Treatment Heanor we do NOT do "FROM" prices. With us you will know exactly what the price is before we start the work.

Over the 20 plus years of us trading in the pest control industry, we have worked out a smooth and trouble free methodology of working practices that will eliminate your troublesome wasp problem, whilst putting you our valued customers at your ease. Knowing that we will treat your wasp problem methodically and ensure that you are kept as safe as possible, both during and after our work is finished, and still you will know that our maximum price for the first nest to be treated will be £45.00.

Our policy is ONE price of £45.00 for ANY sized first nest, and a discount for any other nests treated at the same time and at the same address, is the only way we trade. No messing about with "from" or different prices for different sized nests.

We are here to help you our customers have the work carried out in a safe manner to all concerned and not be overcharged just because wasps can be dangerous, or charge more because of your fear of them.

No matter if you live in a tent or a castle, the wasps do not know where they are, to them its their home, and as long as we can reach the entrance or nest, we can treat the problem even if it is in a cavity. The price is still only £45.00 no extras added.

During the many years that we have been trading in the pest control industry previously known as It Has 2 Be Done Ltd, we the old couple as we were known, (people also knew me as the wasp man), have reduced our work load by only specialising in the treatment of wasps and hornets all at a fixed price as shown on the prices page.

All of our wasp & hornet nest treatment work is guaranteed to eradicate the problematic nest in one visit, or a free follow up treatment will be offered for a further treatment to the original nest/s only. (Applies to nests only, please view our price list for over wintering wasp treatments.)

Payment is always on completion of work after each visit.

We always give an invoice stating what treatment has been carried out and what chemicals if any have been used, after carrying out any work.

We have de-registered from VAT, hence no vat charges to you.

We do not charge extra for ladder work, we consider it to be a part of the job if the ladder is required.

We do not find extra work just to hike up the price, we only charge per nest per visit.

No matter how long the nest treatment takes or what we have to do to carry out a proper and correct treatment, the price quoted to you, prior to us starting the work, is the price you pay.

We are members of the Trusted Trader Scheme Derbyshire, under our main business name. When we were members in our last business (It Has 2 Be Done Ltd) we had over 140 positive reviews.

Under the company name of It Has 2 Be Done Ltd we were CRB cleared. Although we are the same people, CRB clearance only applies to one business name at a time.

We try to carry out any incoming work on the day it comes into us, unless we have to work around customers time off work etc.

As a normal practice for us, if you are a trades person and you are working on a property, and you find an active wasp nest we will try our very best to bring your job to the front of the queue, so that you do not have to stand around which costs both you and your customer money and delays on your job. We still only charge £45.00.