About us and our methodology of treatment


Even though our charges for pest control treatments are set at fair price to both our customers and ourselves, we never cut corners. We are fully trained and qualified in all aspects of work we carry out and beyond. We buy kit that makes our life easier, and ensures where possible the work is carried out quicker and safer. We have ladders but do not charge extra to use them, they are a tool of our trade, and as such they are used when required. Over the 25 plus years we have been in the trade we have worked out a methodology which helps us keep the prices fair to all, and at a fixed price, with no add ons or catches. This is our 10th year that wasp nest treatment prices have stayed the same. If You the Customer Wish to Pay More for the Same Work Then That Is Your Choice. However the work is the same, the chemicals used are the same, the time to carry out the work depends on how long we stay to ensure the insect being treated reacts to our treatment as we expect. Plus we guarantee our wasp treatment work, We will never ask for more to carry out the work than the prices shown on our web sites.