Your first nest treated in a domestic property is £45.00 and any other nests treated at the same property and at the same time £25.00 each




Rat / Squirrel boxes for Fenn 4 or Fenn 6

As per all of my designs of the products I make and sell, the squirrel traps are no exception to the rule that I dare to be different to others. As such I have worked out a competitive pricing structure, based upon the amount of work and time that goes into the making of the boxes, but I do not compare my prices to others or worry about how others are made, I have my own designs / standards and prices.

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As most will realise that due to the high costs of materials I can only make these items as a hobby, and as such I can take longer to make them and take care doing so.

The box is designed for a FENN 4 trap but will facilitate a FENN 6 trap.

I have designed a box so that the trapped squirrel / rat can be removed easily and without touching the trapped animal. (Depending on how you empty the trap).

I sell the boxes with or without the trap, and unpainted, and so please be sure to click the correct tabs if you require any other purchases after buying your empty box.

For the uninitiated a FENN 4 Trap is easier to load than a FENN 6 Trap, a FENN 4 Trap will kill squirrels and is all I personally have used for the past twenty plus years.

I sell my items to the general public and trade alike, there are no poisons involved and are eco friendly and non toxic methods of controlling the pest problem.  Please note that if in doubt as to your ability to catch and dispose of your catch humanely, then contact a qualified pest controller in your area in the first instance.

My trap boxes are designed to be used in the vertical or horizontal position for either rats or squirrels.

They have two screw holes in the back board to accommodate fixing, as well as 4 four slots in the side panels for a strap/s to be inserted to fix to a tree or similar without damaging the fixing point. (Strap not supplied).

The quarry and trap can be removed from the box with ease, mainly due to no obstacles in the way of trapping or removal. Which in turn facilitates the release of the capture on the comfort of the floor if required, before cleaning and resetting the trap within the box.

The whole operation is made as simple as possible, both to catch and clear afterwards.

All items are unpainted inside and outside, but if you wish us to paint them we use two coats of Cuprinol wood preservative, which is water based and can last up to 5 years before repainting. (that is what it says on the tin anyway).

Due to me only making them as a hobby, I do not carry more than a couple in stock at any time and all items are made to order. With delays approx 7 working days from when order placed, and payment secured via paypal.

Please read the description before you purchase due to various options for each trap. Please read carefully what you are paying for as there are several options per trap, ie with or without trap, collected or delivered in each case. The choice is yours and so please double check what you have ordered. I have complicated the buying by giving many options to suit you the customer, the final choice is yours.

Please read this BEFORE you buy a trap or click HERE for more in depth information.

Legal status of the grey squirrel.

The grey squirrel is included in Schedule 9 of the WCA and the W(NI) Order. This means that it is illegal to release a grey squirrel into the wild, or allow one to escape, even if it was taken into captivity for welfare reasons. Licences to permit the release of grey squirrels for specific purposes can be issued by government departments.  

Under the Grey Squirrels (Prohibition of Importation and Keeping) Order 1937, issued under the Destructive Imported Animals Act 1932, it is illegal to keep grey squirrels in captivity. This order is still in force.  

Other legislation affecting squirrels, although the WCA is the most important Act protecting squirrels, other legislation exists.

Squirrel Traps And The Law