All of our prices are fixed per treatment per visit, as shown below. No extras will be added,  for ladder work. Please note that due to factors outside of our control, we ONLY guarantee that wasp and hornet nests will be eradicated on the first visit. Treatment is normally carried out with a dusting in and around the nest.

Pest and treatment etc


Wasp & Hornets.

First nest treatment regardless of size.

£50.00 per first nest

Wasp & Hornets.

O.A.P. Discount for the first nest treatment regardless of size.  (domestic property only)

£5.00 discount per first nest treatment ONLY

Wasp & Hornets Multiple Nests

There will be an additional charge  for any further nests treated at the same visit and at the same property as the first nest treatment

£25.00 each nest

Wasp / Hornets Dead nest removal.

Removal of any size first empty / dead nests only

£50.00 per first nest

Wasp / Hornets Multiple dead nests

Any further empty / dead nests removed at the same time and at the same property as the first nest

£25.00 each

Wasp / Hornets NO NEST FOUND

If we come out to a wasp or hornet job and no nest is found to treat a nominal charge will be made

£30.00 each visit

Due to our methodology when treating wasps and hornets the treatment should not fail to eradicate the problem. However should any of our wasp nest treatments fail, or if you have any concerns we will revisit ONCE and treat again, where required.

ONE FREE VISIT within one month of initial treatment, after this time a charge will be made.

Hard re-usable wasp traps with lure and set up where required. We offer these at a special price if purchased at the same time as a wasp nest treatment. Pre ordered at the same time as booking the treatment due to us not carrying them in our vehicles.

£15.00 each trap

Tree / Bumble bees.

Removal / treatment of  first nest.

£50.00 per first nest

Tree / Bumble bees. Multiple nests

There will be a additional charge for any further nests removed / treated at the same visit and at the same property as the first nest treatment

£25.00 per nest

Call out charge for advice or quotation for work, waived if we carry out the work