Your first nest treated in a domestic property is £45.00 and any other nests treated at the same property and at the same time £25.00 each




Wasp Trap (Two Piece Trap)

Durable wasp and hornet trap can be used for several seasons, It consists of two main components an inverted yellow funnel base and a clear top. Holds approx 250ml of attractant

Can be used for several seasons. Non-toxic lure is all that is required to be added to the yellow container.

Price shown here is for the items to be collected from us at Heanor, or ordered prior to us visiting to treat a wasp nest.

Attractant not included. We do carry a sweet lure for the jobs that we have on contract. However any sweet substance will attract wasps into the trap. Once the wasps are inside the trap they will collect the sweetener / lure on their bodies and wings, which will prevent them from flying, they in turn drown inside the trap.

The traps ideally require to be situated on the perimeter of the area in use, this will prevent most of the wasps / flies reaching areas they are not wanted, due to them being attracted to the lure.



Wasp Traps


Each Item

This item is priced for collection from us, unless you are having us carry out a wasp nest treatment, in which case we shall bring them with us.

We do NOT usually supply the lure on collected items, however if you collect from us and have a bottle to transport some lure we can supply you with some, at no extra cost. If we supply and fit the traps the lure will included but the there is a fixing charge for upto 6 items.